Air Supply Mini-Mate Personal Ionic Air Purifier--Black

by Wein Products

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  • Second hand smoke eliminated
  • Virus and Bacteria incinerated by corona discharge
  • 120 trillion ions per/sec. output. Ozone output .028 ppm

Customer reviews (see all 82 reviews)

great device - VERY expensive batteries, February 15, 2007
This is our third personal air purifier by this company, we use two and one died.It works at least as well as the other two did. I use it on airplanes to reduce the risk of picking up the recirculating germs and I use it extensively in...
Pretty good, April 26, 2007
I have chemical sensitivities, and this works fairly well. Some things get through, especially if they're pretty strong, but overall I'd highly recommend it. I would also highly recommend getting the rechargable batteries and charger to go with it...
Personal Air Purifier, December 17, 2007
I purchased this for my duaghter who is in ninth grade to help her with her asthma. You know how all the girls wear so much perfume and air freshners are sparyed everywhere. She wears it faithfully in school and out at friends house. Recently she...