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I F B Washing Machine users, Please watch the Video Clip For the quality and poor after sales Service. Please post Similar Clips for the public benefits. Als...

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Ruined and sweaty blankets can be straight up put into the washer extractor due to cleaning so that they are hygienically washed and therefore ready for upcoming use. Earlier bandages, textile items, sweat rugs, girths and gaiters got washed with hands. Washing pieces of equipment are now the popular mode pertaining to washing these heavy rugs.

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Yahoo answers Which is the best front loading washing machine?

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    Miele is considered the rolls royce in washers in the US so it can be a bit expensive. LG washers are good. They have this direct drive motor technology that makes the washer a lot more durable. It...

Yahoo answers any one having haier washing machine help me?

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IFB washing machine customer service is poor
We bought IFB washing machine in 2005. In the beginning it was in good condition for one month. Later it got repaired for a cockroach reached inside the

IFB washing machine
This was my first washing machine after i got married. Since i lived with my in-laws lots of clothes would have to be washed daily. I love my machine

IFB washing machine
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