ResCare RK41N All-Purpose Water Softener Cleaner Liquid, 1 Gallon

by Pro Products, LLC

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  • The unit feeds automatically and easily installs inside or outside of the brine tank
  • Pro Products highly recommends the use of a Pro Easy Feeder to keep the softener running at peak...
  • Manually regenerate softener

Customer reviews (see all 79 reviews)

I don't always rave about products on Amazon..., August 8, 2013
But when I do, its cause they're awesome, like this one. I bought my current house knowing that the well water was extremely hard and high in rust. The inspector told me that the 5 year old water softener was already on its last legs. After one more...
Resin cleaner, November 26, 2012
After purchasing a water conditioner, I soon found out online salespeople leave you to fend for yourself. After a month of following their advise, my unit fouled. After using iron out and citrus acid adding to the brine, I purchased Pro Product...
It's working!, September 14, 2013
It looks like our water softener will hold out longer that anticipated--thanks to this resin cleaner. It did not give us immediate results (as some other reviewers claimed), but over a three week period we've noticed a marked improvement in our...